Licensr is a self-service platform from ICE that helps you to get licensing coverage for your multi-territory online music service.

Simply answer a few questions and the tool will calculate your licence fee. You can pay straight away using your credit card, and then receive email confirmation.

All within a matter of minutes.

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This tool is for online music services that have streaming and/or download functionality and are launching in multiple countries in Europe, Middle East and North Africa.

Services that offer webcasting or livestreaming functionality only, should contact the local collection society in each territory their service is available to users.

This licence does not provide coverage for music streaming on third party UGC platforms such as YouTube and Facebook.

Update 2022 — B2B / Sync / Lyrics

Licensr now offers licences to services that have Business-to-Business functionality.

Services that require clearance of Synchronisation and/or Lyrics rights can now add them on directly to an ICE Direct Licence purchase.

The Licence

Provides coverage for the ICE Core repertoire through an ‘ICE Direct’ licence for...

Services that expect to generate less than €500k

Two or more territories within Europe and MENA

Duration of one year from the point of payment

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Before you start

To continue you’ll need to have to hand...

Estimated music usage within the licence period

Estimated generated revenue within the licence period

These details at a territory by territory level

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